Tiles Flashing and then not displaying


I am a NOOB to OSM and am attempting to build a simple local tile server on a Raspberry PI.

If this has been asked before please forgive me and point me to where the question is.

I have followed the instructions found at this site: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenLayers_Local_Tiles_Example to build a simple local server.
I have downloaded the tiles using jTileDownloader.

When I call up the web page I get a quick flash of the tiles and then blank screen with just the tile grid displaying. If I zoom in and out, I also get a quick flash of a map and then just the grids.

Can someone help me, with what I am doing wrong?



Maybe your issue comes from the in-between developemt of openlayers framework where version 3.5 has been published recently.

That how-to is based on openlayers 2.x or even version 1.x, I assume.

Maybe you can study more recent examples on http://openlayers.org

or try the alternative http://leafletjs.com

Also see the OSM wiki about more information about leaflet and openlayers.

Thanks Stephan:

Leaflet works great! :smiley: