Tile with transparent background


I’m new to OSM.

I’m trying to overlay tiles from OSM above google satellite layer using Google Maps API.
My goal is to see street names, roads and places but filter out stuff like blue oceans green parks etc.
When I use OSM tile server (using all kind of renders like cluoudmade etc.) png images are 100% opaque covering completely the satellite image underneath.
How do I achieve my goal?
Do I have other choice beside building a tile server based on my own rendered OSM data?
Do you know a service I could use?

Thanks in advance

Have you seen this website: http://sautter.com/map/
It can show OSM maps on top of Google, with an adjustable slider for transparency. It appears to be using the standard OSM tile server, I presume the transparency is done with Javascript or similar?

Tnank you.

I’m familiar with that techniqe. However, this is not what I have in mind.
I wish to have both layers clear and visible like google hybrid maps. I mean the top layer should have transparent parts so the bottom layer could be clearlly seen. This could be done if only the png tiles have transparency settings.


http://kangarim.co.il/ does this. I would love to find out how.

I’ve been working on such a stylesheet https://github.com/andrewharvey/osm-hybrid-carto/

With a live demo at

Awesome, I love this! Thanks for sharing the stylesheet; hopefully someone will make this global, at least using Mapquest’s Open Aerial tiles.


I don’t have the server resources to host worldwide, but since the style is free and open source, anyone can host worldwide tiles for use over the Mapquest Open Aerial tiles, I can provide a compiled mapnik2 xml of the stylesheet if this would make a task easier (I use the carto nodejs compiler for this).

There is still much I would like to add to this style but I think it is usable in the current form.