tile@home/Osmarender: Problems with character sets

At many places with non-Latin locale Osmarenderer shows invalid characters, e.g. at http://osm.org/go/4S9rjaxh?layers=O at the time of writing this posting. (at http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=invalidcharactersdcst.png “forever”)

I don’t know where to report that finally. One time I had some discussion in irc, and ppl explained to me that it it should be impossible to have such a broken installation of the renderer → but obviously it is possible and still very common :frowning:
Any ideas how to get that issue resolved finally?


All looks normal now. Doesn’t it?

@greencaps: yes, now it looks fine.
Here’s a recent one instead… http://osm.org/go/4S8_9jB2?layers=O

Since it shows up with wrong characters and then sometimes again ok and so on, I guess that it’s not a general shortcoming of t@h, but some clients have a broken setup!? Maybe some old version? And maybe it’s not the core client, but some dependencies?


Ok, maybe it is too late ask this → http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/tilesathome/2011-February/006592.html