Tiger 2008

Does anyone know if the TIGER 2008 data is going to be uploaded to OSM? What would the process be for replacing the 2007 tiger data? The 2008 data is much more accurate, especially in urban areas.

I certainly hope it’s not, because I’d hate to lose my well-mapped area, or have to go through the effort of integrating all the new TIGER data (connecting up roads, etc.). It was enough of a pain the first time around.

Afaik, the Tiger 08 data will only replace previous Tiger data which hasn’t changed since it was imported. So you will not loose your edits.

afaik :slight_smile:

What is the status of the import? My area is badly misaligned. I’ve spent a couple weeks on fixing things, but it’s very slow, and will seemingly take forever at the current rate. If the new data is better aligned, I’d rather wait for it.

What is the status on updating the map with the 2008 info? Also will address information be added to OSM from the 2008 info?

The Edit button does not seem to have a Delete option … my apologies.

If you’re technically proficient you could probably upload the 2008 data for your area and delete the old data, making sure to copy over any changes.