Thirlmere Aqueduct

I’m wondering, wether Thirlmere Aqueduct, one of the longest viaducts of the world, is not mapped in OSM.

Are too many sections under earth, so that it’s frustrating to map it from aerial imagery, or what’s the cause?


The Derwent Aqueduct is mapped but this required a fairly large amount of detective work. Once one knows what some of the above ground features & access facilities look like there are many other cues available in satellite imagery. It does mean that you need people travelling fairly regularly over the ground concerned. This is probably doable in the Lake District but harder elsewhere.

It’s marked on the “NLS - OS 1:25k 1st Series 1937-61” layer which is available in iD. There’s also some above-ground features that can be identified on the Bing imagery such as pipe bridges, valves and siphon wells.

I’ve made a start on it here: