The use of the "name" tag across Algeria


Okay Abdeldjalil, as an OSM Contributor in Béjaïa, I’ll try to revert the tag “name:” into arabic … but I’ll do it only for all what is inside Béjaïa administrative boundary.
But I wonder what will be the result in an exported map for OSMAnd+ or Skobbler Maps and Nav … I hope that nothing will go wrong with the display of arabic caracters, because reverting again to latin will be a hard work to do. I don’t know either if the “search field” will not be affected. Be sûre that none will gonna search a location in Béjaïa by typing it in arabic. I hope that all the POI’s will be imported with the other “name:lang” tags elsewhere, the map will not be usefull for navgation on mobile devices unless it is a customised extract.

So, Béjaïa is under arabisation guys (Beta). Please don’t revert. From now on I’ll use “name:in arabic” in addition to latin caracters n “name:fr”, “name:en”, “name:kab”, “loc_name”.

Who is gonna help me ?

By the way I’ll use :

Most of communal roads have no name and generally not standardised : “طريق بلدي رقم 99”. In this case I’ll use the local name “Abrid n Zountar” or “Avrid n Zountar” since “b” is pronounced “v” in kabyle language.
instead of Chemin de wilaya (CW) : Cannot use (طو) since طو is used for National Roads (Tariq Watani). In Tunisia they use “Tariq Jihawi” طج (RR Route Régionale). What do you expect us to put instead ?
instead of Route nationale (RN) : طو (Tariq Watani)
instead of (Autoroute) : طس (Tariq Sari3)

All this should be standardised in the Wiki :

The english project :
In french :
In arabic :

By the way, I was preparing a draft wiki page for national roads in algeria … I’ll throw it away so ! huh !
Link :

See ya !

Edit 28/08/2015 - 12:56 GMT+1 : I started over here =

Edit à 13:39 : It’s amazing how arabic is rendered on the tiles ! WTF ! (Look at the tag “Ref” rendered in CW and in “Taw” on the National Road N26).

OSM is not an algerian service, so keep your junk logic aND YOUR ARABIC johad for yourself, stop harassing me and commenting my work, you better immigrate to saudi arabia, you are obsessed or what?you never map, you just comment other mappers…you saudi harki
Tu me les casses toi et ton arabisation de boumedienne, you are worse then oqba! i will not surrender

Just to address the last point - OSM is a service by everyone and for everyone. As I said at the top of the thread, there’s no need for the “name” tag to have the same language across a country, and no reason why the name has to be in a certain character set.

The arabic alphabet does not transcript the right pronunciation of the names…most of the names of cities are in amazigh language, the arabic language is official since 1962…Please Butterfly, do not change your mind or culture because abdmachin is harrassing you, he focuses on bejaia, he does not map, he just keeps changins our work and reverting the names. he thinks he is fighting against the french…french or arabic are both imported and imposed languages…
He keeps repeating tunisia, why not using amazigh as morrocco? abdmachin suffers from amazighophobia

I’m clearing this post.

People do not care about mapping but just about official names…

I’m not quitting OSM, I edited my last post.
Yep, Some people are not mapping, they care only about “names” and reverting everything to arabic.

Please try to be a positive contributor. There are only 15 daily mappers in the Algerian map. “Only 15” !
Link :

If you carry on “War Edits”, I have to notify OSM to block temporarily edits in the algerian map.
Abdeljalil, try don’t interfere with my contributions in Béjaïa. The wiki of OSM is not a “Coran”, the admin level of the communes should be admin_level=8 and not as it is “proposed” in the Wiki.
Have you ever tried to add a contribution to the Wiki … You did not ! I do ! And I read this table :

Link :
And I opened a subject here :
Titled : “Organizing boundaries and admin_level tags for Algeria OSM Map.” and and had no comment from anyone.

Why you revert from admin_level 8 to 7 ? Just because it is “proposed” on the Wiki ? You’re wrong !

And “fuck” ! After all ! We should have fun on OSM and avoid “War Edits” ya zah !

En plus SomeOneElse ta3 zebbi zad lna had a sujet ta3 chkoupi bache y dir lna guira ya zah* !
Koul wahed y mapi el jiha elli ya3rafha … be el lougha Ech’koupistania wella Ezzetlania, el finiqiya … Mappiw les village w troq, w koul wahed w yetnak m3a la région ta3o sinon ma nakhlasouche men had a sujet.

Levacher 3andou el haq, wenta ya Abdeljalil 3andek el haq … Ma twelliwche les représentant du gouvernement en ligne. Mappiw b la façon elli ta3arfouha … tebqa el mouchkila hadi ta3 le tag “name” ta3 zebbi … ma trevertiw ma walou ! Pour le moment, on fait la paix … on contribue à dessiner les millions de kilomètres qui reste fi blad Ch’koupistène … quant au noms koul wahed yetnak.

Aya sahitou 3la el 3aqliya algérienne même sur OSM. Oui l’Algérie n’est pas arabe, oui l’Algérie est une création française … oui nous parlons tout les dialects berbère et l’administration utilise le français et l’arabe bien que le français n’est ni une langue nationale ni officielle … alors arrêtons de nous saper le moral avec un sujet débile comme celui là jusqu’à ce qu’une solution soit trouvée pour une carte multilingue et là chacun, comme un mouton se pliera aux règles du tag “name”.

Je vous souhaiterez quand même une bonne journée les gars ! Je vous remercie pour vos contributions passées et futures … alors continuons à mapper, les futures générations auront besoin de ce travail énorme que font “15 personnes” sur la carte ouverte d’Algérie.

Sahitou !

Je suis dorénavant connu CV comme Abu jahl…el fahem yefham…keep calm and continue mapping

Coucou :wink: compris :wink:

Anyway, when we use another base layer, for example the cycle layer we can see that “name” is displayed in “both” arabic and latin caracters even if the present name tag is only in arabic with a translation in :fr :en :ber: kab

So there is no matter to double name or multiname in “name” tag.

Check this one :

Here’s another example :

Notice how tag name of Jijel is rendered. This because “name=arabic-dash-latin”. I think that we “must”/“have”/ avoid this method of naming. (We have to bannish this naming method).

Now look at How the name "Bejaia is rendered ! Cool we have the name in arabic and just under we have t in a fallback latin “english” without messin’ with name tag !
Same happened with Akbou, El Kseur (as you see in the attached screenshot) in this base layer.

So keep it right, in my region I’m trying to do this :

name=in arabic
name:ar=in arabic
name:fr=in french
name:en=in english
name:kab=in latin based with special caracters for kabyle
name:ber=in Tifinagh caraters (

The render on OSM will be in arabic but in another base layer or custom layer could be in a custom languages (ISO1 + ISO2 lang).

we can keep naming in french, there’s no problem, I mean if we do :

name=in french
name:ar=in arabic
name:fr=in french

Its okay, since if we wanna render the names officially with arabic n the first line and latin (fr, en) in the second line or even arabic in first line then Berber (in Tifnaghà in the second lne, I think that this could be done easily by typing something like :

Render Map DZ (X area) lang=en|ar or ar|ber or kab|ber

or in a single iso-lang name tag : Proccess it in “ber” for berber only. And the most nportant thing is to keep adding translations (if you want/can) to all what you name or use :

Nomino =>

Je ne sais pas ce que vous en pensez :wink:

اخدم انتا معا هادو الناس حابسين علا جالهم الجزئر قعدت هي الاخيرة

شوفو صورة خاوتي

I’m with you my brother

Il faudra vraiment qu’on se mette d’accord concernant “name”. Je propose un sondage avec vote pour le champs “name” afin d’en terminer.
Je tenais juste à vous dire que je suis contre la double nomination dans le champs name pour des raisons très naturelles à la base de données d’OpenStreetMap.
Abu Jahl est un des membres les plus actifs sur la carte d’Algérie. Il en a juste marre que d’autres “revertent” des changements majeures alors qu’ils n’ont contribué à dessiner aucun kilomètre.

Etes-vous d’accord pour un vote public en ligne ?


moi, je suis d’accord, mais!
combien de membre fréquente ce forum pour voter.?
je propose de contacter les 20, 30, 40 ou 50 premiers membres ( les plus productifs) par e-mail ou autre moyen.

voici une liste de 50 membre classés par nombre de changement (ajout, suppression ou modification sur OSM)

1 Sandervalya
2 test0022012
3 abdeldjalil
4 levacher
5 raison able
6 Superadlen
7 hiddeneyes02
8 ButterflyOfFire
9 Abu Jahl
10 dzosmapper
11 ulil
12 georhoko
13 Ali_Alg
14 Algebre gama
15 ButterflyOfFire_
16 HenrikKbh
17 West Lake
18 rama_neb
19 meppen7
20 abdelhadi_Laghzaiel
21 aias2002
22 kaliphe
23 alain2003
24 ouss21
25 René Hammoudi
26 Oberaffe
27 djibril
29 Sneetsher
30 mourad dahmani
31 Blaze21
32 sami2112
33 Alias-54
34 bachounda
35 immuno
36 redfateh
37 mentalist Dz
38 Yassine Kaidi
39 Algus
40 brahim001
41 yabdelouel
42 UnknownMapper
43 mourad78
44 madmen3
45 Mison
46 Aliferhat
47 boutegh
48 badro
49 wassil
50 Jeffdelonge

NB. il y 'a des membre cité 2 fois comme (levacher="Abu Jahl ") et (ButterflyOfFire =ButterflyOfFire_)


1 Arabe : Parce qu’il est une langue officielle en Algérie
2 Français : La plupart des gens algériens parlent français. ou utilise des application Gps en français
3 Anglais. Pour tous les peuples du monde quand il en visite en Algérie

Re bonjour à tous,

Moi je pense que la réponse est claire.

name=in arabic
name:ar=in arabic
name:fr=in french
name:en=in english
name:kab=in latin based with special caracters for kabyle
name:ber=in Tifinagh caraters (

Celui qui n’a pas l’arabe sur son PC, son contribution en français (ou autre) est toujours la bienvenue, seulement il ne faut pas changer ce qu’a la tag name: déjà en arabe ou en kabyle vers une autre langue. A mon avis, c’est tout ce qu’on peut faire pour faire avancer les choses ici.


Classement du 16-01-2016

1 Sandervalya
2 test0022012
3 abdeldjalil
4 levacher
5 Superadlen
6 raison able
7 hiddeneyes02
8 Abu Jahl
9 ButterflyOfFire
10 dzosmapper
11 ulil
12 georhoko
13 Ali_Alg
14 Algebre gama
15 ButterflyOfFire_
16 HenrikKbh
17 West Lake
18 aias2002
19 rama_neb
20 meppen7
21 abdelhadi_Laghzaiel
22 ouss21
23 kaliphe
24 alain2003
25 René Hammoudi
26 Oberaffe
27 djibril
29 Sneetsher
30 mourad dahmani
31 sami2112
32 Blaze21
33 bachounda
34 Alias-54
35 immuno
36 redfateh
37 Abdou_AF
38 mourad78
39 mentalist Dz
40 Yassine Kaidi
41 Algus
42 brahim001
43 yabdelouel
44 UnknownMapper
45 madmen3
46 Mison
47 Aliferhat
48 badro
49 boutegh
50 wassil

Un petit changement par rapport au précédant (25-12-2015)

Je propose de proposer aux administrateurs d’OSM d’ajouter un tag du type “use_lang” ou “render_lang” pour la génération des tuiles, (tilles rendering)

Dans ce cas on map comme suit:
name:(local name ar, ber,fr n’importe quoi)
name:kab= tifinagh
name:fr= français


exemple ville de Béjaia:

name: بجاية

Résultat (affichage)
بجاية ⴱⴳⴰⵢⴻⵜ
(si le tag “use_lang” est absent “name” est utilisé).

Qu’est ce qu’en gagne :
1- on met terme définitivement a la guerre des langues ( dans le mondes entier, pas uniquement chez nous).

2- la partie logique de la base de données reste opérationnelle, (recherche, adressage etc.)

Hi Algebre Gama,
I think that it is an excellent idea and will solve a lot of problems, in fact, if we can use, for rendering names, a tag like :


iso1,2,3 (could be official languages)

I’m thinking about, what if all the data inside an admin_level=2 could query a top level tag “off_lang” (official langages) and then having a render in these official langages whatever is written in the generic tag “name:”

Example :


Then, the rendering of everything inside admin_level=2 in Algeria will be displayed in arabic language (first line) then Berber langage (second line).

Example :

Name=Béjaïa بجاية

This “object” will query the admin_level=2 of Algeria and force the map to render it in arabic and berber (if berber will be official langage in Algeria of course) and overwrites the mixture sandwitch in the generic tag “name”

In the same time, based on the langage of the browser, displaying the map according the langage used in a browser + a fallback to english in case.
I know that this is a complex thing to do in top level, but just wondering if OSM can do it.

Salutations amicales.

Hi ButterflyOfFire_

(displaying the map according the langage used in a browser) that’s impossible , because OSM map (all layers standard, transport…) is based on pre-generated tiles (a small picture in png or jpg) on every zoom level.
see here:

what you see here is different , this is a pre-generated tiles (map) without labels, and the labelling is generated on the fly according the language you choose in the text box.