The supermarket and convenience store?

I just moved to another house, it’s another city in my country. However, I never used OpenStreetMap before so I have some queries while using it.

I’m looking for the convenience store nearby but actually the supermarket, even its icon shows the same one. How can I distinguish between the supermarket and convenience store? I think the OpenStreetMap should change difference symbol so that we could easily find out.

Thank you for your response.

Welcome to this forum, Andrew, and to OpenStreetMap in general. The difference between a “supermarket” and a “convenience store” is rather subtle, and may vary a lot between countries/cultures. It might help to specify your location, or to post in the forum’s regional subsection relevant for you (UK? Austrylia?)

Also, please be aware that what appears on the vanilla map is a secondary concern - the prime object of this project is to keep up a database of geographical information; this serves as the basis for the vanilla map at but is also consulted by quite a lot of independent applications.

Have a good time!

Supermarket, pan to your place.

Where are you seeing convenience stores with the same icon as supermarket? In the default map on, I see a shopping basket for convenience stores and a shopping trolley for supermarkets.

(I agree with the previous answers that the default map is not necessarily the best place to look for details on points of interest - but in this example, it happens that it does appear to distinguish between these types of point of interest).