The right tags for (mobile) community fire units


In Australia we have the concept of a community fire unit, like these:

Some are static structures, some are on trailers.

I’m struggling to find the right tags for it, as Fire Station is more for a building while emergency/fire_extinguisher is doesn’t cover it fully.

What is wisdom here?


HI and welcome to OSM and the forum looks like the best category in my opinion. Currently there is no tag for a facility shown in the picture. I’d suggest to establish something like emergency=fire_equipment. If you describe this new tag on the wiki-page other mappers might start to use it as well.

Maybe you can use man_made=street_cabinet + street_cabinet=* together with an appropriate emergency=* tag.

I don’t know why emergency=fire_point_stand is put on the list with only 9 instances and an unclear status.

What about using building=static_caravan / cabinet or as emergency-cabinet ?
But put it the Australien Fora just to reach some agreement over it.