The Region of Brussels

Hi everyone,

I may have misread but I am surprized I don’t find any tracks of this question : every address in Brussels is placed in the Flemish Brabant. Why is Brussels not a region in OSM?
How can we correct it ?
Thanks a lot in advance !

Where (website, app) are you searching for addresses? Can you give some examples, links?

If I look up “Koningsstraat, Brussels” on, the first result is

All following addresses have similar information.

I get similar results for “rue de la loi, Brussel”.

It seems that the data is correct, but the app that you use does not interprete it correctly.

Thank you very much for your answer !
Indeed when I use I get this : rue de la loi, Bruxelles, Brabant flamand, Belgique.
I thought they were using osm data.

I’ll contact them then.

Thanks a lot !

You’re correct, they use osm data together with some other resources.
It is possible that their geocoder uses a different set of data, or that the implementation is wrong.