The prolific new mapper in Lansing, Michigan

We have a new mapper in the Lansing Michigan area, Qwertyuiopasdf, who is prolific in their use of iD, but not so much in studying the Wiki.
While some of what they did was good and helpful, I questions many of the edits. In particular, this user went and changed the type designations of a large number of highways in the area. Yesterday, I commented on the first issue I had stumbled onto, but have yet to hear back.

Having very little practice in highway designations and lacking the time and energy to keep up with the number changes they can seem to make in a matter of a few days… I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

Any chance someone with more experience could look at these edits? At least enough help me determine if I should be concerned.

Otherwise, tomorrow night, I’ll download JOSM and start validating and correcting the obviously wrong edits.

Thanks in advance,


It’s always tricky responding to new mappers who’ve made a few newbie mistakes (as we all did I suspect). You’ve already commented on one of their changesets so thanks for that (that’s the first thing that I’d I’d do too).

One other thing that might be worth doing is mentioning it on the talk-us mailing list (there’s a bit more traffic there than here) . Not sure if there’s anyone else active in that bit of Michigan though

  • Andy

International equivalents would be a good reference to hand to the prolific mapper.

Also, the aforementioned web page should contain a link to this picture showing the usage of the _link suffix.

Lastly, the Euro-centric English of OSM for insular Americans is confusing to the latter.

Corrected link to Highway:International_equivalence

Thank you for the support and resources.

I should learn to hold my posts until morning, when I am hopefully calmer and thinking more clearer.

I’ll study up and work through validating and cleaning up these changes.

I retagged the motorway ways which break navigating. Haven’t touched the rest.

Thank you!

Since my last posting, I have added a to-do list item to the Lansing Wiki page, with a link to a spreadsheet dividing up the work.

Myself, I have had very little time each evening, but have been working through the list. I should get through it soon.

I finished tonight. In the end, I had to undo nearly every change made to 607 roads. Each having their highway type set to something less than ideal, usually, raised a level or two. Likely, because the type names better matched the terms we use locally.

Guess it could have been worse. :smiley: