The map road colours need changing

Google and others have done this IDIOTIC thing of making map details a pale grey, on a white back ground.

It’s both stupid and unnecessary.

We need THICK BLACK LINES for roads and DARK BROWN not so thick lines, for dirt roads.

This map as it stands, is bullshit.

Zoom in on it… hairline thickness invisible pale grey roads…

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The great thing about OpenStreetMap is that you can do what you like with the data. There are several maps that are directly available from and lots of others elsewhere. You can even make your own…


It doesn’t fix the damned problem of a site wide bad set up in the first place.

Super pale faint fine grey lines on a white back ground?

What is it about this that you don’t get?

What I get is that the tone of your messages doesn’t fit our community. If you don’t like the way the map is displayed, then don’t use it. There are endless map providers on the market, go and find another one.
The default map style is hosted by gravitystorm on GitHub, change requests can be created directly as an issue: GitHub - gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto: A general-purpose OpenStreetMap mapnik style, in CartoCSS


I guess it’s useless to say that now (based on the above post), but there are many sites and apps that use OSM data and most of them have their own layers for presenting the data. Using one of them for your needs would make more sense than using directly for navigating places while on road, for example.


Pretty sure Shane needs something with map labels in 72pt text and no placenames longer than two syllables :wink:

How a map looks is what you choose to look at. During mapping in JOSM I certainly have chosen a selection of mapping styles that fits my needs albeit white ways on white gravel paved ways does not work, nor bus stops below dark green trees, cause for many a duplicate mapping, but then now I draw a selections box to see what’s hidden below the greenery and now I hardly ever miss to find something is already there not shown on the rendered maps. Also the selection of road render styles while mapping can be quickly swapped by ticking and unticking styles in prefs. When doing destinations and directions I flip on lane and road attributes to see it printed in big characters.

/OT rant end.

Pretty good idea - my full support for it.


FYI, the screenshot at the top of the thread shows the alternative Transit layer that intentionally deemphasizes roads and tracks so it can highlight bus routes along them. The other layers (accessible from the Layers panel on the right side) show roads somewhat more prominently, including the default Standard layer.


Thank you so much, does that clearly influence the direction in this thread? :face_in_clouds: