The 'logic' of OSM

Hilarious ;


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maybe ‘ignore it, and move on’ ? →


Maybe you can see a prison as something that gives comfort to those outside who are afraid of the people inside.

yea … that is also applicable for a grave yard … :stuck_out_tongue: … instead of using (as it should be) ‘landuse’=grave_yard like a cemetery.

OSM definition of amenity: “For describing useful and important facilities for visitors and residents. Facilities include for example toilets, telephones, banks, pharmacies, prisons and schools.” (cfr

So yes" ignore it, move on".


Also, burn any dictionaries in your house and delete any bookmarks to online dictionaries. Those are only confusing you.

nope, on the contrary … it is the illogical attitude of a few ‘pushers’ , in the name of “it is already used so many times” , that ‘things’ are not named correctly, and so confusing.
For example ; natural is changed in ‘something UNnatural’(artificial/man made), simple for the fact that it “used already so many times” … and there are several other ‘issues’ like that …

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