The garmin map for Jamaica lacks the north half of the island

Subject says it all.

I can add the missing tile, but then the map installs as “OSM generic routable” and replaces the existing “OSM generic routable”. Since for some of my work I use a map of Hispaniola that is the Haiti (or Dominican Republic) map plus the rest of the tiles needed, also installed as “OSM generic routable,” this is a problem.

One solution would be to install a downloaded map with a name I choose, but I can’t see how to do this.

Where did you download the garmin map for Jamaica from? There are lots of people offering Garmin downloads (see e.g. ). You’ll need to raise the issue with whoever you downloaded it from - and of course you could try a different source to see if that has the same problem.

I downloaded it from

I reported the problem to, was basically blown off and told to take it to this forum.

I think you should enable manual selection and chose the tiles you are interested in.

If my answer didn’t help: The correct thread for questions like this is here: