The Frinstead House Test

As a mapper who usually passes through this area, I have been attempting to improve the four tower blocks of Silchester Estate in 3D out of personal memory. This is the progress so far:

Frinstead House Test by Antje, on Flickr

This is what it looks like in reality:

Silchester Estate (2011) by Antje, on Flickr

All photos created by myself.

The biggest challenge has been the vertically recurring balconies on the corners, as well as the south. I have followed the advice in the other thread, and it does render as expected on Kenzi3D, but not on other maps.

Therefore, there needs to be some way to get 3D maps to render the recurring balconies, and therefore pass the Frinstead House Test, as I call it. After we deal with the balconies, the tower block would test how well the renderers deal with the inverse gabled roof, the windows, and for OpenLevelUp!, the interior that I already know by memory.

What do you mean with balcony? This part? → whats wrong with it?

Some fixes or mistakes: