The Forum

Dave (RolyMo): In realtion to your sticky. Thanks for setting up the forum. It is much apprieated.

At present every time i come here i have to log in, and it doesnt seem to remember my password, (the tick box is selected). Is this just me having this problem/doing something wrong?

Also, Would allowing people to attach images/files to posts be posible?. I’m awair that this would demand more space, so that is a perfectly reasonable reason not to have it, but I’d just like to say it would be a much appriecated feature if it was avaliable.


Yea… Thanks from me too. :-)))

And the auto-login works fine for me :-?. Maybe because I like cookies?

Ciao, Imi

I have all cookies allowed, My firewall is none existent, and I have no problem automatically signing in to the other forum that I use. hmm. I’ll mess about with stuff if its my comptuer not the site then, cheers for that answer.

It jumps between and, that might be why. Sometimes when I try to “post a reply” I will be kicked back to the staring page, with a changed domain from to

A wee bit off topic, but why didn’t Mail2Forum work? The Ubuntu Forums have a similar thing, but it uses vBulletin. The idea sounded quite good.

Have you tried using it?

No, I don’t have a forum to use it on. I expect it’s hopeless then.

Thanks ladies/gents.

Adding modifications to phpBB is a bit of a pain in a couple of respects. Firstly, applying the modification is quite tedious, involving manual editing of forum system files - you can imagine errors are possible, especially for sophisticated modifications. Secondly, there are knock-on complications when it comes to upgrading phpBB versions - usually means re-editing the affected files all over again.

The system is now, essentially, a basic phpBB installation with colours configured within the admin CP (still tweaking them!), with only the forum header manually edited to make it fit more to OSM look-and-feel and minor button replacements to strip down the appearance a bit.

Mail2Forum gave me its own set of problems, too. It was designed to support email users from an existing forum: given OSM communication has evolved as an email-based community, the functionality of Mail2Forum was seen to disadvantage the email users (there is an inherrant delay). Add to this that my host doesn’t permit me to run scheduled tasks, I couldn’t make the extension work properly on this site in any case.

The last reason sounds a bit lame, I know - until you realise that this forum was ever only set up to be a draft - to show a few people how an OSM forum might look prior to setting it up on OSM systems. Now, of course, it is ‘out of the box’ and people are using it. I personally feel its better to let it run and see where we end up than to shut it down pending more discussions and implementations. Until the OSM community decides it would be best to close down the forum, I’ll try to administer it as best I can.

(The hosting limitations, of course, provide the root of the URL problem at present. I’m working on that.)

As far as vBulletin or other systems go, I might agree with you that phpBB is not necessarily ideal. I refer you to the point above regarding a draft setup and now waiting to see where it goes! :laughing:

[Ben - please let me know how you get on with your log-in issue?]

Well today, the login issues seems to be no more. Hopefully its gone for good. Minor problem really though

In opening post, I also said about ‘attaching files’ to post. Just to re emphasise that point, cause it got slightly desolved by the others. Any replies?

Excellent. (But I can’t claim credit for that, since I haven’t changed anything!)

Sorry to have missed that bit. It would be a great facility to offer.

At this stage, though, I think it is best to ask you to host the files and provide links from within the forum. (For images, once hosted, BBCode allows you to include pictures within messages.) Two reasons: bandwidth is limited and I’d still prefer to keep the phpBB installation as simple as possible until it is fully resolved where it will reside.

Ok, cool. Are there any good places that images and/or .rar .wav .anything can be uploaded to and linked to? (imageshak ive heard of, is that just images though?)

There are a few services (but I can’t recommend them because I’ve never used them, sorry).

I kow people who used PhotoBucket and it seemed OK for them. ImageShack, too.

As it happens, they are top 2 results on a Google search for image hosting.

Maybe you could check them out and feed back here?