the ethnolinguistic maps of kabylie, Rif and Tamurt Kutama

Hello people, today i did wanne take a look at the ethnolinguistic map of kabylie, but it didnt gave me any acces anymore, it showed error 403 same with the rif and kutama maps. I asked friends to open it but also they coudnt acces it. Does somebody know the creator of those maps, is their a way i can contect him about it or get acces to it

Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum

OSM is a database and doesn’t provide any maps (even if we display one on our homepage →
Please provide a link or URL to the website in question. Error 403 is just a general error telling you that what you are trying to to is not allowed by the server. This might be caused by access-restrictions, exceeding of data limit or many many other reasons.