The Changes aren't appearing in the map

Hi. Recently my changes and edits aren’t appearing in the map even after 6 days of editing, What may the cause be? Thank you

a link to the area and to the changesets might be helpful to see what’s going on.

Please see our FAQ:

Your edits are appearing in the map (orange line):

They are also appearing in the standard Mapnik rendering of the map (background).

Also, I’m not convinced that there is an English name for this road, as English Roads would not be named in this way (ending in “Dead-End”.

Furthermore, I’m not convinced that you can have a highway=residential that doesn’t allow motorcars, and I find it strange that it is against the law to ride a horse, but not a motorcycle.

Just to note the URL should be with a 3 at the end.

Same tile downloaded by Firefox (with cleared cache) and Tor Browser.
It looks like the result depends on the location of the user…

Yes, tiles delivery is distributed:

I know, but three days passed, and some servers still have not been updated. Is it normal?

Thank you everybody who replied to my question. The problem is worked out.

You are quite right. I will correct it. Thanks