the best tool for creating and viewing maps

Hi, I’m currently writing a thesis about indoor mapping, and I would like to ask which is the best tool (method) currently used for creating and viewing maps? Could you please suggest which one is the most popular and developed?

I would be grateful if you give me your opinion.


I guess that JOSM ( is the most commonly used software for experienced OpenStreetMap mappers. But is is not specifically designed for indoor mapping. Since JOSM is a desktop tool, however, I use an Android tool, Vespucci (, to add indoor features (then I do slight corrections in JOSM when at home).

As for indoor mapping, specific tools include OpenLevelUp (, an excellent web viewer displaying indoor data (I use it to check what I have done), and iD-indoor (, an indoor mapping editor which, unfortunately, does not work on a mobile device.

I know nothing about the mapping world outside OpenStreetMap, which probably uses other tools and methods.

There is a branch of ID editor targeted to indoor mapping.
Take a look at the following 2 presentations a SOTM 2016 about indoor mapping: