The best software for importing data on server side

I plan to make an import of GTFS data into Open Street Map. It’ll be some additional data (bus stops) useful for blind persons taken from the local transportation system.

I’m pretty new in OSM so I apologize for the inappropriate questions.

I found on this page a different software for doing the import. Some of them look out of date and are not maintained anymore. It’s a lot of options and I would be happy to receive your opinion about doing the imports.

The import requirements are as follow:

  • the import will add new or modify some objects in a specific area
  • the import should be done partially with a small batch of objects to make them possible to verify by the community
  • I should be able to revert the data if something went wrong
  • data will be uploaded from the external server - it cannot be a desktop application like JOSM

Technical details:

  • file with data is usually smaller than 1MB. There are about 6500 records.

Goals for the future:

  • I plan to update already uploaded data when something changes in the data source (a transportation system GTFS data). E.g. the position of a bust stop will be updated if it has been changed in GTFS source
  • if the import will be a success and accepted by the community I plan to include more cities and create the import procedure to adopt it in other countries


  • what is the best software for doing this kind of import or should I use direct API calls?
  • what’s the best strategy of tagging imported data and doing changesets?
  • do you have any examples or tutorials of doing the imports?

Thanks in advance!

Please note that I’ll describe the details of the import in a separated thread and on mailing lists. In this post, I just want to get an idea about how to perform the import with the most appropriate software.
I’ve already read Automated Edits code of conduct and Import. Also, the license topic is in progress.