The "best" GNSS Recording Software for Android?

I need to Track some Position for my own Project. My crap Smartphone have no OTG Port and hopefully my Parents give me one of there “old” Smartphone with. (Before someone argue around I have an Business Laptop and normally dont need a Smartphone…)

Now I will Track event who I will see when I was at which time at a certain point. :smiley:
Use my Laptop is not that Handy as a Phone (and I dont have a waterproof tablet yet).

So there are 2 Option
a) Use the Internal GNSS Receiver in my (Android) Smartphone who I have no clue what the use or
b) Get an old (Android) Smartphone from my Parents and Plugin my Ublox GNSS Receiver in

So I need an Software who allow me to Store the Data OFFLINE whithout an shit Cloud :roll_eyes:.
Who no Registration or what every is requiered. Maybe someone can remember the good old Time where Nokia Phones where in use and every Software worked Offline and dont requiered internet or what every… :laughing:

And I dont use any Store or what shit also exist for Android. I need to download the APK directly from the Site who share it.

So does anyone have an recommendation?
I found some on Github and I dont know how good the are and if there are some better one: