Thailand now available in osmose

I have installed a processing backend for the osmose quality checking site.

Currently it covers Thailand and is updated daily (early morning in Thailand).

You can read about Osmose in the wiki:

The list of issues is available in the web-front end, merged together with other countries. The link below moves you directly to a bounding box covering Thailand.

Please be aware that not everything reported by osmose is actually a problem. So called false positives can happen. Please let me know if you think that there is a systematic problem and probably a whole category of problems needs to be disabled.

Categories of issues can be selected on the left hand side of the web frontend. Please have a look at the wiki for a more detailed explanation off all the features.

If you like the page but would like to have it in Thai, it’s possible to provide translated strings on Transifex. For the front-end it’s a bit more than 200 Strings to be translated.

Frédéric Rodrigo just announced new Maproulette challenges which are created by osmose issues.

As I have enabled the osmose processing for Thailand this means that these problems will also be visible on Maproulette.

Hi Stephan,

This is great! I’ve already sent in a request for Thai language a few days ago, still waiting for them to enable it.

Somehow the approval request from Transifex got lost. I just received feedback from the osmose team.

It’s now available for translations.

Please be careful of what osmose reports as a problem. It might be a different tagging style or a false positive as well.

In case we need to disable some checks for Thailand please let me know. For example the check for two names in a single tag produces a lot of false positives.

I’m looking into translating strings in Osmose but I’m quite stumped because there’s no Thai glossary available. For example, highway, do I leave it as English, or do I translate it to “ทางหลวง”. Has anyone here done any OSM localization work before, perhaps we need to write up a quick guide?

I just got notification that they deleted Thai language from Osmose :frowning:

Is it? I still see it listed in Transifex.

You can try to contact the maintainer directly: