Thai Script and the Cycle Map Base Layer

Thai script displays properly in the Mapnik and Osmarender but as a series of square boxes if the Cycle Map layer is used. Is there any way to get the Thai script to display properly if the Cycle Map base layer is used?

I’ve tried changing the text encoding in the browser, but that doesn’t work.

This on a Mac running 10.6.1 with Safari 4.0.3 as the web browser.

The encoding in the browser won’t have any effect, the tiles are pre-rendered and thus not affected by browser settings. I think some work is likely to be underway on internationalisation. Maybe open a bug on OSM trac.

The cycle map layer is also created by different people. The main three layers (mapnik, osmarender, cycle map) do not have a strong connection to each other, and each makes individual design choices.

For the cycle map, you can open a ticket at and set it to the opencyclemap component. But check first if such a ticket is not already there.

Thank-you. I’ve submitted ticket 2297