Thai payment options


It seems we don’t have Thai options for tagging for the payment tag

I would like to propose the following types for addition:
Rabbit Card - electronic purse
Mengmoom - public transport
Easy Pass - for expressway
PromptPay - which category would this go into? electronic purse?

There are also the following wallets that can be added.
True Money Wallet

Any comments before I start editing the wiki?

Best Regards

Technically PromptPay probably falls under wire transfer, but putting it there might be confusing. Others would be another option.

What values are you suggesting for the keys? I think payment:rabbit and payment:mangmoom would be simple and clear enough (use of the ep prefix seems rather inconsistent and isn’t quite necessary). Not sure I agree that Easy Pass/M-Pass warrant tagging, since both are only used for the expressway/motorway. TrueMoney/True Wallet has been inconsistent in its branding, but I guess payment:truemoney would be the most recognisable.

Thanks Paul, the reason I want to tag EasyPass/Mpass is to contrast Don Muang Tollway which doesn’t support it, the central Bangkok expressways which only supports easy pass and the motorways which supports both easypass / mpass.

truemoney sounds legit, I suppose we can use that.

I’ll leave this here for a week, if no more suggestions I’ll adjust the wiki and start tagging.

Best Regards

I thought the expressways and motorways all support both Easy Pass and M-Pass now. The Tollway was reported to be working on the same, but I haven’t seen recent updates.

Personally, I do not tag payment options. This is in my opinion borderline to include such details in OSM.

As Mishari considers it important enough and others maybe as well, sounds valid to document the options in the wiki to have at least some unified tagging.