Thai Community meet up with Grab & TomTom teams

Sure thing, we will also share a bit about this too, from our side.

thank you @jinalfoflia @julcnx @stephankn,

your notes are taken into consideration and will be consolidating all points for the call.

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Hello Everyone, we are looking forward to sharing from our side and having you all join us this Saturday.

Here’s the link to Zoom. See you all on Saturday!

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Hello everyone,

We are intending to open a Slido session for the Thailand community to ask tomtom and Grab question starting today.
I will also have questions to the community at the very end of the session.

Thank you and talk to you tomorrow,

Hello everyone, thank you so much for meeting us on Saturday, we had Julien, Mishari, and Stephan from the community join us along with the teams from Grab and TomTom.

It was a wonderful discussion with some great insights from everyone, here’s a quick summary:

  • TomTom and Grab shared the work they have been doing and have done in the past with the community, the presentation included tools such as Roadrunner, ImproveOSM dumps, DayLight map for missing roads and more.
  • We discussed the road classification gap and we already have a forum thread running on the same.
  • Challenges like access and barriers
  • Having resources like GPS traces/missing roads more easily available via iD or JOSM editor layers
  • The need to learn more about the upcoming tools such as StreetComplete to help aid new mappers to contribute to OSM and how organizations like Grab & TomTom can help spread the word and share knowledge
  • Shared more about educative programs such as GeoStars, which can be a good starter for someone who is new to OSM
  • Having more support and contribution to Mapillary and KartaView to aid mapping
  • Bringing in more corporates such as Meta to this conversation and making this meetup a quarterly session

It was not all serious conversation, we also had a fun set of questions, that allowed us to learn more about each other, thanks to the TomTom team.

I have tried my best to capture a summary, please feel free to add more (in case I missed adding these points). Thank you again for joining, see you at the next meet-up!

PS: Apologies, I had to remove most of the reference links, as the platform doesn’t allow a new user to add more than 2 links in a single post


Hello everyone and thank Jinal for summary, we were delighted to join in this session, I would like to add or stress on a couple of points:

  • Road Classificationstomtom (RoadRunner) can be a value-added source for analyzing roads connectivity

  • Access and Barriers – we can check the feasibility of sharing location attributes (e.g. blocked passage, restrictions) and align it with probe data to improve routing in OSM; we can have a technical discussion with Grab accordingly

  • Missing/Isolated Roads and highwaystomtom can look into the possibility of generating valuable leads for isolated and missing roads that will assist the community to validate connectivity data within urban and rural areas

  • Media Leads – we delivered a first successful media leads notes to the community, and would be practical to discuss building a cadence for similar upcoming ones that will help in improving map changes

  • Community tools – Looking into the possibility to incorporate RoadRunner as a transparent add-on within JOSM and iD Editor, besides that we are open to collaborate with Grab on other initiatives that might serve the community

As discussed, we will be delighted to join forces on certain initiatives including Meta, which emphasizes on the need to have a cadenced (monthly and/or quarterly) sessions.

p.s: as you may know, I have posted in a new MR challenge, we thought it can support certain map enhancements and I kindly request the community members to review them and give feedback


Hello @julcnx @stephankn @jinalfoflia @Mishari, everyone,

Shall we start planning for our next touch base call/meeting?


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Hello @sbaido,

thanks for remembering. Yes, let’s plan for another meeting. I hope with some lead time, others from the community will also find the time to join this time.
Any preference or restrictions from your side?

I myself would prefer a weekend, as this makes it easier for me to participate.


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I have asked a few community members before and Saturdays seemed a good fit. Afternoons are better if anyone joins from Europe. How about mid-late March?

Thank you @stephankn @julcnx,
Saturdays is ok with me.
First and 2nd week of March might suit me better if it’s ok with you

Both sounds fine for me. 1st week is still nearly a month away, so probably enough time ahead. So proposal is Saturday, 4th March in the afternoon (Thailand time)?

Sure @stephankn @julcnx.
@jinalfoflia? does March 4th suit you?

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Hello again,

@stephankn @Mishari @julcnx : 6:00pm Thailand time on March 4th 2023

[Meetup link](Click here to join the meeting)


Hello folks,

This works perfectly. See you all on 4th of March. Thank you, Salim for helping set this up! Looking forward to the meet-up!


Only a few days left until our next community meet.
I hope that all of you have already marked the date in the calendar.

If you won’t be able to join our call but you have a point you would like to have discussed, feel free to contact me beforehand. I will then do my best to have your points covered.
So all: Feel encouraged to collect discussion topics for the upcoming call.


Topics I feel would be relevant based on the latest community discussions:

  • Missing Data: what should be low and high priorities?
  • MapRoulette and alternatives: what’s the best way to crowdsource filling of missing data?
  • Access Restrictions and Unconnected Highways: clarifications

Talk to you all tomorrow.

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Hello @julcnx @stephankn @jinalfoflia ,

Kindly excuse me for this late notice but apparently teams and outlook is not working from the location I am in at the moment, do you mind sending a zoom or google meet link for our call? would be appreciated if you can paste it here.

No problem. We still have roughly two hours left :slight_smile:

I will set up some emergency fallback solution on my server. That’s then not fine-tuned, but should work.

Do I understand correctly, that your location blocks network access to teams? (As usually a simple browser works to start What alternative meeting solutions are allowed for you? Any specific requirements in regards to network ports/protocols and such?

@jinalfoflia Would you have a corporate solution at hand? The free alternatives of zoom/skype/etc are frequently limited in participants/meeting time.

I have a BigBlueButton room available with max 8 participants. I check to get a Jitsi self-hosted up. That should give more participants. But at least some fall-back is ready. I will post final meeting links shortly before the call

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the issue is with my teams and outlook, apparently is being blocked or is under some maintenance