TfL cycle hire stations - missing data?

Hey everyone,

for a Masters project I am working with OSM data from London. I extracted 482 tagged as such (‘amenity=bicycle_rental’ and ‘network=tfl_cycle_hire’; see: The
However, the TfL website states that there are over 750 stations in London.

Now my question: How can it be that there appears to be such a large amount of missing stations? Am I missing something?


These may represent recent extensions in the range of the scheme. I’ve never noticed one not mapped in Central London.

The best person to ask is Ollie O’Brien: he’s a bit of an expert on cycle hire schemes and, at least at the outset, was a driving force for getting ‘Boris Bikes’ mapped. He’s on twitter as @oobr. blogs at various places including Supergeography and is based at UCL.

Thanks a lot! I will make sure to ask him.