Textures pour l'OSM

Je vous demande pardon, je ne parle pas français!

Under: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Texture_Library You can see collection of textures for OSM 3D.

This textures works with JOSM PlugIn: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Kendzi3d

Maybe can somebody of You make pictures with typical for Francé surfaces: Doors, windows, Walls, old streets?

I make textures from this pictures.



Hi Marek,

Benny, who developped the tool osm2xp [1] is French.
Maybe he has some typical French material to provide as texture.

Good luck !

[1] http://osm2xp.com/

Merci ab_fab! I have 2 GB self made pictures of french cathedrals, but no typical windows, doors, etc.
osm2xp looks like a small but nice set of textures which are randomised ( au hasard ).
What i want to do is more flexible for the user, because using of multitexturing:
The Facade has typical background and typical facade elements as second layer.

Thank You for the information with Benny. I contact him. I think, this project is also interesting for him.

Best regards,

I added Wiki subpage:
Please put there Your textures.

Merci and greetings!

I added there some textures. Other user asked me, how to generate textures alone.
I write soon tutorial about.

The tutorial is here.
Some content is now only in german but I hope in next days is everything translated into english

I added subpages for doors and windows: