Texture library

Dear all,
I wrote few days before the wiki page: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Texture_Library.
Now I have participants from 3 countries: Germany, Poland and Russia and lot to do.
If everything works well, we have im Summer very nice texture library.

I´m not sure: Is wiki the best address for such collection of textures?
If not, what to do?
How to arrive participants in other countries? There are lot of country specific textures.
You can see results of textured surfaces under JOSM PlugIn: Kendzi3D.

I would be happy to see someting like this under Potlatch.

Best regards,

The precedence of wiki library is the most extravagant feature for texture.If it will not work properly brick 495 is the best option for it.

What do You mean with Your answer?