Text size as it appears on Mapnik

I tried to find if this fundamental question has been asked before but couldn’t find anything using the search facility so apologies if this has already been answered, but is there an easy way using Potlach to pre-determine the relative sizes of the text/font for city, town and village sizes as they appear in Mapnik when zooming in?

I have contributed to the UK map and notice that Maidstone, the County town of Kent, has a text size in Mapnik that is smaller than other Kent towns (actually they are cities) like Rochester and Canterbury and is only visible at certain zoom levels. I accept that Maidstone is not a city and maybe it is that fact that is holding it back from jumping out of the map when Mapnik is opened.

Also, some villages appear at a specific zoom level but not others, until zoomed in further.

I don’t have any experience using JOSM, I found it too difficult to learn working in isolation.


No afaik this is not possible because every renderer instance (of which the OSM website is only one) can use different fonts and sizes. The font size of cities and level on which they appear is dependent on the place= and population= tag.