Text on map... but I can't find the feature

At https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=17/51.78222/-3.26751

the text “Lee Aherne Lake” appears (in the lake), but I just cannot find how that text has been added – it doesn’t appear to be an attribute of the lake.

TIA for any help.

You probably didn’t wait long enough or did not refresh your browser’s cache. The name is not showing up on the map for me.

Edit: perhaps you could have contacted the previous mapper, and ask them for the source of the name, before deleting it.

Thanks for your reply, and you’re quite right – the name has now disappeared.

A good point, yes.

That said, I’ve been at that location over the past few days and there is no reference to the name there. Nor is there in any literature relating to Parc Bryn Bach, nor on any other current or historical maps (eg, OS).

And a search for “Lee Aherne Lake” only turns up 2 results, but when you go to the pages the term is supposedly on, it doesn’t actually appear on them at all.

But I’ll keep checking.

Thanks again.

The alleged name isn’t especially unlikely - it pops up in local news reports such as https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/local-news/tredegar-man-launches-campaign-give-1907686.

The person who added it only made 3 edits, so it might be a legitimate name, or it might be just a joke*. If you’re local I’d check for signage. Last week I noticed that someone had signed a bridge at https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/781396441 with a name that I’ve added to OSM. A name doesn’t have to be on some “official list” to be a valid name - official lists get compiled from “what people call things” as well as vice-versa.

  • with a Data Working Group hat on I get to remove no end of childish renamings - houses called “grumpy man lives here” etc.

Edit: updated link with bridge name.

And they have a website here: https://parcbrynbach.co.uk/. The lake looks to be artificial so there’s every possibility it is named after someone well-known locally.

It’s not a conventional park, but an outdoor activity centre.

Presumably https://pbbrc.run/people/lee-aherne/ !