Testing Navigation.


I would like to test navigation in Haifa and around on the OSM map and see if there needs fixin’.
How can I do that?

Does the geofabric version has navigation? I can technically download that and test on mapsource.
Any better suggestions?


For best routing support, ways need to “touch”, or intersect.
Layers should be used when ways don’t need to intersect.

Also, try to avoid loopings (A way which cuts itself)
e.g. A road that ends in a loop. Cut into 2 different ways. One is a line, the other is a closed loop.

You can use KeepRight as a start.

Make sure you tick and fix the following issues:
dead-ended one-ways
ways without nodes
intersections without junctions (all)
overlapping ways (all)
layer conflicts


Perfect! Thanx!

There are several solutions in the web to check that:

http://open.mapquest.com/ (not working currently)
http://routingdemo.geofabrik.de/ (http://project-osrm.org/)

I’m currently using a lot the Openstreetmap map for navigation in my android application Navdroyd to navigate from one point to another.
Just remember that turn restriction can take a while till they are applied to the routing. weeks , month :frowning:

here is a table showing all navigation option we have: