Terminate some old power tagging in France

Dear all,

Starting last year, I’ve reviewed features in Metropolitan France with deprecated or old power tagging as to terminate a few of them.
As of now, following tagging has been completely moved to the current practices:

No objects remain with that keys or values, in France at least.
Local data was really helpful to review most of features, which make such reviews barely possible across countries.

We’re still looking forward terminating the following, maybe among others:

  • tower:type=branch (23 remaining)
  • tower:type=transition (1 remaining)
  • tower=air_to_ground (2 remaining)
  • tower=transition (26 remaining)
  • pole=transition (7 remaining)
  • power=substation;pole (57 remaining)
  • power=pole;substation (31 remaining)
    (and many unitary power=* values)

Once finished, it will allow to remove some keys from database imports and some values from render/data export scripts.

Best regards


An overpass query for above values.

Currently 144 values (13/03/2023)

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