Terminate some old power tagging in France

Dear all,

Starting last year, I’ve reviewed features in Metropolitan France with deprecated or old power tagging as to terminate a few of them.
As of now, following tagging has been completely moved to the current practices:

No objects remain with that keys or values, in France at least.
Local data was really helpful to review most of features, which make such reviews barely possible across countries.

We’re still looking forward terminating the following, maybe among others:

  • tower:type=branch (23 remaining)
  • tower:type=transition (1 remaining)
  • tower=air_to_ground (2 remaining)
  • tower=transition (26 remaining)
  • pole=transition (7 remaining)
  • power=substation;pole (57 remaining)
  • power=pole;substation (31 remaining)
    (and many unitary power=* values)

Once finished, it will allow to remove some keys from database imports and some values from render/data export scripts.

Best regards


An overpass query for above values.

Currently 144 values (13/03/2023)

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Small update on the matter. Following has been terminated in France:

  • tower=air_to_ground
  • tower:type=transition


All upside tagging has been terminated, power=* now counts 61 values in France.

A few more remain to be cleared. Here we go:

  • power=minor_cable
  • power=18
  • power=22.00
  • power=bay (replaced by power=line + line=bay probably)
  • power=marker (replaced by marker=* + utility=power)
  • power=cables
  • power=22
  • power=switchyard (replaced by power=switchgear)
  • power=pole;catenary_mast
  • power=planned
  • power=bollard
  • power=tower;substation
  • power=low_line
  • power=50
  • power=insulator;portal
  • power=junction
  • power=minor_underground_cable
  • power=transformer;generator
  • power=tower;line

Here is an overpass-query to find them

It covers an overall amount of 1 101 features.

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I wrote a message for the user who added the 880~ power=minor_cable in France.
His last addition was 8 days ago, let’s wait for a discussion before cleaning up.

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Do we have something for power=junction?

18, 22, 22.00, 50 and 50.00 are from an import of charging stations, dating from 2018.
I think they are amperage, so it can be tagged as socket:<type>:current.

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Not really, but theses aren’t verifiable by the way.
It was an attempt for https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Power_paths_refinement#Integrated_junction_box in 2015 but it was finally discarded.

We’d better removing them IMHO.

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Good news from Teuxe

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