"Terem" emergency rooms

I mapped the “terem” emergency center in Modi’in. This center is a privately operated emergency room AND a set of medical services by Maccabi (doctor offices, lab, etc.)

I am wondering how to map it properly. For the emergency room, amenity=hospital and emergency=yes seems relevant. But for the doctors offices, amenity=doctors should be used. So maybe two different POIs? And I didn’t get to the additional services (Xray as part of the ER, ultrasound, orthopedic, etc.)

There are 4 other centers like this, don’t think they are mapped yet.

Ideas / suggestions?

I would use a set of separate poi.
This makes it easier to search for “doctors” or a “hospital” only.

If you place a “amenity=doctors” in a hospital building it looks of course strange (image a hospital without :slight_smile: ), but it is correct.

BTW: Good job in Modiin !!! Nice detail level!

Ok, did just that.

The credit is not only mine, BMM994 is also “to blame” :slight_smile: