Tent sites

It will make OSM more usable by many more people if the possibility of selecting camp sites were present. Public pitches where it is allowed to pitch a tent.
In forests, the coast by rivers etc.
For instance, Danish authorities have given permission for walkers and cyclists in particular areas in forests and near lakes can pitch a tent.
Also places where public authorities have build sheldere should be listed.
Both with and without a campfire.
But it is perhaps JOSM this proposal should start in.

The capability of a special map display to show public camp sites would require creating a server with local copy of OSM data, and Mapnik with a custom stylesheet to show just the public tent pitch areas / shelters.

Also, you may need to add some additional tags to the existing camping tags to include all the information you envision needing for the map. I haven’t checked the wiki to see what uses are already listed.

Thanks for the reply.
There is, for example. symbols for golf, sports and tourism. I think the interest in OSM would be larger if also places in nature for a tent came with OSM.

did you aready have a look at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Camp_site ?

Can you name features that you are missing?

And: there are several POIs or other elements that are described in the OSM wiki at “Map features” that are not rendered in “standard” mapnik. Mabe you have to enter a new feature request at trac.openstreetmap.org … but be aware: this is not the only thing people would like to see rendered in mapnik.

what about the display at www.openstreetbrowser.org for example?

Thanks for the reply.
I look at it. Are new and will just see whether OSM is something for my use.
There is pretty much to find out;)