Temporarily closed

How can I tag a temporarily (during renovation) closed museum?
See Musée d’Art Moderne, Troyes, Wijzigingenset #60277894

For how long will it be closed? If you are incapacitated before it re-opens, are there enough active mappers in your area to ensure that it will be re-instated when when it opens again?

If it is going to be closed for a significant part of a year (longer if there is a risk that it will not get re-instated, I would suggest (but with free text translated into French):

opening_hours=closed “until renovation complete in about xxxxx”
fixme=Check to see if re-opened and re-instate opening_hours when back in operation.

together with a map note requesting it be monitored for re-opening.

If only days or weeks, do nothing.

DO NOT change the name! The name should not include the state of the building.


Renovation will take two years I think, so the proposed solution will be:

opening_hours=closed “until renovation complete in about two years”

opening_hours=closed “until renovation complete in about xxxxx”
closed … is not conform the syntax for the opening_hours tag

I hadn’t realised you had to have some period selector for closed.

You can just prefix the rule with 24/7 to resolve that. However, do not put the duration in the comment, put when it ends.

However, if you know the exact period of closure, the following, with more accurate dates, would be better:

open “during normal hours”;2018 Jul 01-2020 Jul 30 closed “for renovation”

Obviously, it is better to encode the actual normal days and hours.

http://openingh.openstreetmap.de/evaluation_tool/ interprets my example as:

Facility is now closed, comment: “for renovation”

but will open 31 July, in 760 days, comment: “during normal hours”.

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Sorry. I take that back. The original is valid. Although it comes up with warnings, those are basically about the likelihood the rule won’t apply on public holidays (but it does). It gives:

Facility is always closed in the (near) future, comment: “until renovation complete in about xxxxx”

in the checker. The more precise rule is better, if you have the information.