Tempo para mapa ser atualizado - Time to actualize map

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Acabei de enviar (16/08/17 - 15h) alguns arquivos GPX, com ruas que nao constam até o momento no openstreetmap, quanto tempo vai levar para esses ruas estarem disponiveis no site?

I’ve just upload (16/08/17 - 15h) some GPX files, with some street that doesnt exist in OSM, how long does it take to be “created”?

If all you did was upload a GPX file, it is likely to take years, as the most the GPX file will be used for is to check the routing of a way that is added for other reasons.

You can speed this up by adding a map note referring to your GPX file, but that could still take over year, if there is no one active in the area.

On the other hand, if you create the way yourself by reference to the GPX data, aerial imagery, and other ways in the area, it will be in the map in under a second, and will normally be fully rendered in the standard layer within a day. Other layers on the main site may take up to a week, and other, third party, ones could take much longer.

Unless there is a problem in the GPX trace handling at the moment, none of your 23 traces are public, so they will never be used in the construction of the map, unless you use thejm.

A tip on the side: “atualizar” in English is “to update”