Template:KeyDescription and Template:ValueDescription - brainstorming

What other information should we put into these templates. A suggestion I have is to allow linking to proposals, and to mailing list discussions, so that curious persons can see what have been discussed around the tags as well.

Well actually Jochen is working on adding more infos from Taginfo to the templates.

To me some of the following attributes seem to be usefull:
-alternative tagging
-previous tagging
-usefull additional tags

What is the advantage of placing these in the Key/ValueDescription template, rather than a separate template? I think that the box would become somewhat crowded with these additional entries. Placing the separate template on the bottom of the page (and using full width) could make sense. This would be similar to the existing practice of placing them in the “see also” section.

These seem useful, too. We already have an “Useful combination” section for possible additional tags in the current template.

These section however should be filled bij de editor. The new situation will automate this process and will evoluate during time.
So, better then the past.

And compliments to the admins for creating our Forum.