Telegram Bot for OSM


I’ve recently developed a Telegram Bot ( to enable users to easily add POI (currently only drinking water and toilets amenities) into OSM. Here is the OSM wiki page here:
I’d like to ask you to have a look at it and let me know if you have any specific suggestion for improving it.

Thanks for your attention,

Currently you seem to be adding all nodes as the user “SearchAroundBot” rather than have each user create an account? That’s going to be a problem, as other OSM users won’t be able to contact the user that actually added the data, only your account. Also how can you agree to OSM’s contributor terms when you don’t know who or where (future) data is coming from?

I’d also suggest mentioning this somewhere that people will actually read it. The English-language forums are something of a backwater (though some other language ones aren’t, e.g. German and Russian). There is a development mailing list over at , and also a general “talk” list at .


I was sure i had ansered to your post yesterday but now i don’t see it anymore.

Regarding your first concern: since i’m the owner of the account I will take personal responsability of the data which is submitted by Telegram users and will verify it as best as I can (i.e…, checking the picture the user has provided, and making sure it doesn’t overlap with other elements in the map).

Thanks for providing me the links to the other osm channels. I have registered there and asked for feedback.

Thanks; I’ve seen the discussion on the mailing list.

The bot asked to click the paperclip to add a location. But I see no paperclip in the app…

Which Telegram app are you using (web, android, desktop, …)?

It is an interesting project, I would however suggest to rethink the authentication. You might be able to support the process for adding new items now, but what about when you get 1000s of POIs or if other life events happens.
Are you able to scale it?

I will try it out next time I am near one of those POIs :slight_smile: