Telangana districts mapping


I’m looking for someone from Telangana/AP or who knows our states, to help me with mapping districts in Telangana. ICYMI, TS Government has reclassified districts from 10 to 31 a few months ago.

Here are the things to complete this mapping:

  1. Relations depicting the boundaries of the districts and tag with admin_level=7.

  2. Nodes with place=district tags for the districts and add to the Relations as label.

  3. Add district headquarter cities/towns as admin_centre to the Relations.


I’ve added a rider to the page on the wiki to say that the proposal there that recommends tagging districts at 7 is only a proposal and not agreed yet; and it includes a pointer to the general table which contains the existing classification for India… It would be unwise to map one state differently from all the others. So if you can add new districts to the Telengana map, please do so but it would be best to carry on with the present tagging at level 5.