Tel Aviv Light Rail in Openstreetmap Israel ?

Has anybody interest of mapping the proposed Tel Aviv Light Rail route into Openstreetmap?

Would be interesting to see the route and understand what area will be under construction for the next years.
Seems like the construction work has started and the Red Line is defined.

One of the sources:

The links in the wikipedia articel are broken, so there is a need to search for a kind of definition where the route will go along.

I have just added red line route to Openstreetmap.

But there seems to be some issues with the exact route as my route is 21,68 km long but the websites are talking about 23,00 km.

Most probably there is somewhere a different routing that what I’m guessing.

If you have any kind of detailed information of the route just post or add it.

The only thing to do is to add the light rail stops. But this has time till 2016 :slight_smile:

After some more investigation I found this image showing the route a little bit more accurate. (source:

Still several unclear areas in the route but I expect this will be part of a long walk beside the tram construction site.

Currently we have 25,43 km of the red line light railroad.
Every website is talking about different distances, so we will have to wait another 4 years to be 100 % sure of the distance.

Also added the relation to Wikipedia English and Hebrew. (Hoping for some interest in Openstreetmap this way)