technical problems


immediately after sending request for a map I’ve received an email, that the map is ready (instaed of the email with confirmation of request). I’ve tried to download the map but the server says ‘Not Found’ (404-Not Found). I’ve replyed the mail, but then I came the automatical answer - Delivery Status Notification (Failure):
There was a problem delivering your message to See the technical details below, or try resending in a few minutes.

Could you help me?

I’m guessing this is:

  1. a Garmin maps question, for which see the other recent threads, as to the correct place to ask;

  2. probably relates to a particular server producing Garmin maps.

OSM does not fund the production of these maps. They are produced by third parties, albeit that those people provide support through some specialist forums on these boards.

It’s the map of Iran & Turkey.
But why the owners email doesn’t work?

There is a sub forum for Garmin enquiries

I suggest you have an alternative site to obtain Garmin suitable maps to use on such occasions…

The owner of the email you mentioned may be up to his eyeballs in more important work just now but I’m sure he will respond when able to.

The owner will not respond, because he didnt get my massage! After sending email to his address I receive an automatical answer, that the massege has not be delivered (Delivery Status Notification (Failure)). I think, there is some problem with his server, or any other ideas?

And I think, there is no problem with the area of the map, but with server - even I send an request (no mather for which part of the map) I receive an email, that my map is ready, but the internet link for downloading doesn’t work (the webpage cannot be founded).
Maybe they have some technical problems, I’ll try later. I would like a map from, the other are not interessting for me.

Generally free resources are either provided by people in their spare time, or they are loss leaders for commercial services. Either way, you should not expect any service level agreement for them, and you should not expect prompt answers to queries.

I have moved your topic here because you posted it in the wrong topic:
Maybe try it again later or use the maps from the country selections menu instead of a custom map.

Why are their numerous ‘grey shapes’ (squares / rectangles etc) blocking out parts of a map (Venice) I’m currently viewing? Some of the streets of Venice are visible, others are blocked out by a grey coloured mass. Thanks

Are you asking about the Garmin maps site in the Netherlands, the site or something else.

Grey rectangles, in the site indicate that there was a timeout whilst trying to fetch a map tile from the server, which would suggest some sort of overload.