Technical problem (joining ways gone haywire!)

Yesterday a problem arose, it is as follows:

Say a drew two ways, roads for example, and connected them as usual through a ‘common node’. Then I use the ‘join’ function as i have done countless times before. For some reason instead of joining normally as they always have done, the ‘wrong end of one of the ways will join the right end of the other’. Or in other words ‘instead of the ways being joined at the ‘common node’ the end of one of the ways at the ‘common node’ will join (with and new ‘section’ of way being created) to the far end of the other way.
Sometimes if i make it so that both of the ways are in the same direction, by changing one of the ways’ direction, it works as usual, as it used to, however often it doesn’t. Also no matter what i tag the way as, it will be the same.

This only started to occur last night and has not stopped yet. As far as i’m aware i have not changed any setting or whathaveyou, and i’m pretty sure it randomly started to happen in the middle of some mapping without anything else ‘being pressed’.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Thanks for this detailed description. It would be very helpful if you could add the information which editor you’ve used.
Maybe you could move this question to the editor board of this forum…