Can someone please explain to me the correct use and functions of " Tags " in relation to creating an area , for example around a building .
I can’t work out what information it wants .

Everything you draw (or map) needs to be defined. You need to tell the editor (and thus the database) what the area represents.
So if you draw an area representing a building you add a tag “building=yes”, to let the system and others know that you have put a building on the map.
If you draw an area, e.g. a park you add the tag leisure=park.
Other tags, such as “name” specify characteristics of the object.

Does this answer your question, or did I misunderstood it?

Did you already read learnOSM ?

I already read the guides but some of the information is in the style of what it can do , not exactly how you do it , if you get my meaning . That does help as I have since found the button to show the building=yes code and that makes more sense now . Thanks for that .

The editor that you use to map, most likely the on-line editor “iD”, has a good introduction/tutorial I have heard on how you have to use it for mapping. I haven’t gone through it, as I was already mapping before it got introduced and I use JOSM.

If you search YouTube you will also find a couple of videos on how to use it.

Thanks for the reply I am learning ok , taking it slow as I don’t want to make bad mistakes .
I read some stuff on that JOSM but that might have to wait till later .