Tags denoting note status and note comments

That i great!

Maybe it is time to make this list in English and as official proposal?

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I started using these hashtags. I would like to suggest an addition. Sometimes a note is lacking information, so it could be closed with #not_enough_info. But happens sometimes that I ask more info to the note author (often a new user), but the user doesn’t reply, so it happens I find useless notes in which I asked a question one year before but forgot closing it after a while. I started using #waiting_for_feedback, so I can search such notes and closing them after a week or such.

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(mod note: I translated the title to English for convenience of non-Serbian speakers)

I have been using a set of hashtags based on these: ES:LatAm/Proyectos/Resolución de notas/hashtags - OpenStreetMap Wiki

This is very handy to provide a concrete answer for notes with similar issue or status.

My version is in Spanish, and it only use a hashtag for each case.

If you use tag #needmoreinfo and leave it open that should be enough to find it later. It implies that additional info is waited. I see no need for another tag of that kind.

On the other hand, if there is not enough information and it is obvious that more information cannot be obtained, then you can use #notenoughinfo and close note.

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