Tagging very small settlements/outposts

I wonder how very small makeshift settlements/outposts should be tagged. These are often -but not necessarily- illegal/unofficial.

They’re found in West Bank Area C(Jewish), or in the Negev (Bedouin camps).

#2 and #3 above seem like editing errors. How many did you find? Did you try contacting the editors?

I found 1 in the Negev and 2 in west bank area C but that was a very quick skim. I suspect there may be more. The editors don’t seem to know what the right tag should be.

https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/5150306223 (Editor reported it could actually be military)


Are you suggesting “hamlet” is the correct tagging for such places, no matter how small?

The smaller types of the place tag are:

  • village - A smaller distinct settlement, smaller than a town with few facilities available with people traveling to nearby towns to access these.
  • hamlet - A smaller rural community, typically with fewer than 100-200 inhabitants, and few infrastructure.
  • isolated_dwelling - The smallest kind of settlement (1-2 households).

The difference between a village and a hamlet is not clear to me, but hamlet seems to be associated with smaller places that have more than 1-2 households.

By the way,

A village can be significantly larger than a hamlet. Beit Jann (population ~ 11,000) is a village. Thousands of houses.

A hamlet is something you can traverse in minutes on foot. A couple dozen households.