Tagging Sites

I am new to OSM so apologies in advance if this is something trivial. As a first project I am mapping a local business park. A couple of the larger companies on the park have multiple buildings on their site and I am trying to work out how to tag these so that the company name is rendered for the whole site and not for the individual buildings which may have more detailed names.

What I have done is use a site relationship. I have declared a relationship of ‘type:site’ and ‘name:company name’. I have then added each building that is on the site as a member of the relationship and tagged each building as ‘building:yes’.

Having uploaded this data I note that the site name is not being rendered. The individual buildings are rendered but no names. What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way to go about this?

I have noticed that in other places that I have looked at the name has been put on the surrounding landuse tag but that is where the factory site is the only only industrial place in the area. I have already defined ‘landuse:commercial’ and ‘name:business park name’ for the overall business park.

Thanks for any help.


If you use a multipolygon relation it should work fine. I’ve never used a site relation - it looks like it is still in proposal stage so probably not rendered by Mapnik.


That seems to work although I had to create a relationship manually. Selecting the building and using a JOSM preset gave an error.