Tagging seasonal roads?

In my neck of the woods there are several roads that are not accessible in winter. How does one tag them?

The closest I have found is in Albania TPGInc Import/Roadmatcher where they use the tags seasonal:summer, seasonal:winter etc. But these tags do not seem to be used elsewhere in the wiki. Are they legitimate and/or useful? Can any routing software make use of them?

Similar to your roads, I found a bridge which exists during the dry season only, e.g. in Cambodia the bridge over the Mekong river between Kampong Cham and the Koh Pbain island (for a picture see http://www.panoramio.com/photo/32712403). Presently, there is no adequate tagging on that bridge (and many roads nearby are tagged terribly wrong…).

If enough people use seasonal:winter=no, some software author might implement it - as a tag it’s reasonably unambigous, anyway. Btw around here we try to make a distinction between (footways) that don’t “exist” in winter (seasonal:winter=no) and footway that are signposted as “no winter maintenance” but are still used enough to keep them open for (unimpaired) pedestrians (seasonal:winter:maintenance=no). See also the key snowplowing=*.

Many thanks … for some reason I never thought of the (obvious, in retrospect) snowplowing=no tag :frowning:

Given that we have an “official” tag that does the job, it would seem advisable to use it rather than the “unofficial” seasonal:winter=no tag. Do you agree?

One more question: Many of the unplowed roads are, in fact, plowed at one or both ends. So I assume that they should be split into two or three ways … should the constituent ways be combined as a relation type=route?

The snowplowing tag is a solution for cold countries only. And, by the way, some roads in the Alpine mountains are officially closed during the winter - that’s different from a road with some snow on it which you are still allowed to use.
And the approach is useless with the Cambodian example I gave above: the bridge is built in the dry season, and when the water of the river rises, the bridge is carried away. Of course, snowplowing=no wouldn’t be wrong either - as there is no snowplowing anywhere in Cambodia…