Tagging restaurants that allow dogs outside


I’ve been starting to try and improve some of the dog/pets access tagging around me. One thing that is becoming more and more common in the US is restaurants that allow dogs in their outdoor seating areas only.

Is there a good way to tag for that?

Seems like you could map the outdoor seating separately — and add dog=yes to that. Though around here it’s most common at restaurants with sidewalk and street seating that isn’t separately mapped (and would probably make a real mess of the streets if it was).

Taginfo shows a handful of uses of both dog=outdoor_seating and dog=outside. But no widespread usage on either.



I think I would use something like outdoor_seating:dog=yes. This way you could also specify things like outdoor_seating:dog=leashed, or make it conditional. Or add the capacity with outdoor_seating:capacity=12, outdoor_seating:opening_hours=*, and so on… Of course, no one is going to consume this data for now.



to me this suggests there are seats for dogs outside.

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That’s a good problem. But =outdoor_seating refers to the area, not the seats themselves. So outdoor_seating:dog= can be interpreted as =outdoor_seating + dog= correctly.

That’s a good problem. But =outdoor_seating refers to the area, not the seats themselves

it is not so clear because the only subtag with some use is outdoor_seating:comfort which is actually about the seats:

Me too. I’d suggest something like dog=outdoor_only, where dog=yes would imply they are allowed indoors. Note similar things apply to smoking in the UK, where smoking is not allowed indoors, but many pubs provide an outdoor smoking area. This latter is not usually tagged because the legal situation is universal.


I haven’t looked into how they are used but there’s 30 uses of dog=outside and 25 of dog=outdoor_seating. Either one of those would probably work. Although dog=outdoor_seating does kind of sound like there’s outdoor seating for dogs, not that they are allowed outside of the restaurant. Outside of that, at least IMO using a namespace for this just needlessly overcomplicates things.

Yeah, I was thinking of smoking as well — as that is relatively similar (or at least it used to be). Looks like the documented values for smoking are:


With an optional smoking:outside key so you could add more detail like smoking:outside=separated

Seems like the same thing could apply here

With a further dog:outside=leashed for more details.

That scheme would also work for other places that are mixed indoor/outdoor and only allow dogs outside — can’t think of specific examples off hand, maybe some museums?

I agree, dog=outside seems the most sensible option.

If the outdoor seating is tagged as a separate area, then adding dog=yes (or leashed) to that makes sense too, however, I would still add dog=outside to the main POI (so that it’s easier to search for dog access conditions on the POIs themselves).

I think this is a good value to document, so I’m happy to create a wiki page for it.

Edit: page created Tag:dog=outside - OpenStreetMap Wiki


I also agree, or dog=limited