Tagging open areas in Israel

As a person geared towards hiking and biking I’d like to turn more of the white space in the map to colored one.

I’d like to start a discussion regarding the landuse and natural tags and how to use them in Israel

My initial suggestions:

Planted forest (Typically by Kakal): ** landuse=forest**
Natural forest (often of oak and pistacia) like on mount Meron: ** natural=wood**, rare in Israel
Open area with sparse trees and mostly bushes, (בתה, גריגה) like in Adulam: ** natural=scrub ** - this is a very common feature of the Israeli landscape, but it’s rarely used - what do you think?
Open area with only very low bushes, like the top of mount hermon: ** natural=heath**, rare in Israel
Orchards of citrus, olive or deciduous treas: ** landuse=orchard**
Vinyards: ** landuse=vineyard**
Totally open grassy areas. either for growing feed (מרעה, אחו) or natural: ** landuse=meadow**
Agricultural land used for growing crops: ** landuse=farmland**
Dunes:** natural=sand**
Loose rocks (דרדרת): ** natural=scree**

There are overlaps with landuse=grass, and landuse=field which we need to discuss.

This is a great overview of the available tags for the open areas.
I also think that every open area should be tagged.
Thats why I started in early stages already to mark farmlands.
Even if its not always that accurate its always good for orientation and knowing what this area is for.

Israel looks great in the current stage. There are soo many details already and it will get more and more.