Tagging of loading only parking

The specific circumstances are 6 roadside diagonal parking spaces which I expect to tag as parking lane. However I can not find out how to tag that they are loading only. How do I tag that restriction please?

I don’t think the parking key is the best choice, as it’s already being used for the surface/rooftop/multi-storey/underground distinction. What if some store has rooftop loading bays, for example?

If there’s agreement that loading-only spaces are “parking”, then inventing a new subkey would probably be best. (For both amenity=parking and parking lanes, which were the original context of this thread.)

Hi, Malcolm.

There is an example of ‘no parking except for loading and unloading by vans and trucks’ at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:parking:lane/Examples#Conditions