Tagging of horizontal colour dividers for 3D buildings

we have often buildings like this:

Mostly skyscapers but also buildings with 4,5,6 etc. levels.

How to extend building:colour= definition.

More exactly:how to tag this:

I mean:

and n

from this sketch.


I think that your example is not really the best, white stripes are not the same shape as black glass one (they are a bit wider from top view).

The real question is “how to map a vertically repeated building:part”, i would suggest something inspired from the balconies repetition proposal.

Your example could be mapped as a single squared building part with total height for the central blue/black glass plus a single larger square with balconies inspired tags something like:


1 balony/part every 3 meter starting at 6 meter repeated 5 times.

   |  |

Its true,
there are a lot buildings like this: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:AkademicheskiyRyabinina25.jpg
Colours and stripes are important for the visual recognition of the building.
I would avoid several geometric elements if not absolutely necessary.

I totally agree with you on this.

Please use negativ values for roof:shape=gabled
I mean buildings which have _V type roofs.
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I think that negative values for roof:height don’t make sense, based on the definition of the key. A V-shaped roof still has a positive height (and would probably not be called “gabled” in English).

Some talk about repeated building part was here: http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?pid=206061#p206061
So in short was used relation of typ clone:height and similar taggs repeat, every, offset

I don’t think we should even bring up “vertically repeated building parts” for this topic. In my opinion, colour patterns would ideally be represented just that: Tagging the type of pattern (vertical/horizontal/diagonal stripes, checkers, dots, whatever), the list of colours involved, and some additional parameters such as stripe width. If necessary, some of these parameters might be treated as lists, too - similar to the lanes syntax - but we should make sure to not go overboard with tagging complexity.

Enabling colour patterns – or even material patterns? – would be rather powerful and applicable beyond just buildings. What about a bollard with diagonal red-white stripes, for example? I wouldn’t want to introduce bollard:parts for that, but a colour pattern tagging could be applied to that, too - and all 3D objects where we can implement tagging-based colours.

+1 Tordanik!

I think that the coloring of the facade can be solved using Relations.

Relation type=facade, separately for each section of the perimeter of the building (front, rear, left side, right side.)
For a building in the shape of a polygon, we would specify the location of the section (part of the building), viewed from the centers and use the tag “direction =”.

Items of the Relation: facade:a; facade:b; etc.
and other specific tags for each level of color individually.


i made some buildings with vertically repeated building parts. I changed min:height und height tags for that.


Some Communication Towers:

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Hello Andreas,
Tri tower Ilmenau is absolotely ok, because of different Ground floor geometry in repetead levels.
Communication Tower with 3 or 4 stripes could also be ok.
But what about cases with 40 or more stripes?

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Edit: Btw. - very nice models!

The name you were looking for is butterfly roof

but WHY do yo define new names, not compatible with common simple 3d building definition.
Don´t understand me wrong:
I´m really happy about your great job.
But: there are already names in use.
Mathematicly is butterfly roof the same as gabled but with negative value for the roof hight.

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Because the code must know what to do with roof:shape=gabled and roof:shape=butterfly when height tag is not present.
With different roof:shape value you can deduce the result without looking at the roof:height tag.

I understood also the source.
IFC is really smart. I like it.

Again: I believe we need the next codification meeting for 3D.
We have a lot of ideas, some realized solutions and less ressources.

Mans scyscrapers have a facade of metal or concrete and dominating glass. How could this be tagged? Facade=glass is wrong, even metal or concrete.

I usually tag it with building:facade:material=glass & building:facade:colour=brown i’m not sure it’s the best way but it gives the best rendering in Kendzy & F4Map